Cap & Skull
Herein lie the legacies
of Rutgers' most loyal
Sons and Daughters

Est. 1900

Uniting leaders with diverse opinions and ideas from different campus and college constituencies, members of Cap & Skull work together to improve campus relations and give back to the Rutgers University community.

Founded at Rutgers College on January 18, 1900, Cap & Skull is an organization that, by rewarding excellence in academics, athletics and the arts, has fostered achievement at Rutgers and beyond. For over a century, its members have set a model of leadership for the University through their actions as individuals and as an organization.

Of the 31,500 undergraduates who attend Rutgers University, New Brunswick each year, only eighteen will be tapped for membership into Cap & Skull at the end of their junior year. Attachments between members are strong and enduring. Once you're a member, you're a member for life.

A student must prove themselves in the eyes of not only fellow students, but specifically in the eyes of the reigning leaders of the college. Selection is not based simply upon positions obtained during one's college career, but by the demonstrations of leadership, academic standing, and character.